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Problems On Trains Online Test

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1. A train travelling at 60 kilometres per hour crosses a pole in 9 seconds. What is the train's duration?
a.120 metres
b. 180 metres
c. 324 metres
d. 150 metres

2. In 10 seconds, a 125-meter-long train passes a man jogging at 5 km/hr in the same direction as the train. The train's top speed is
a. 45 km/hr
b. 50 km/hr
c. 54 km/hr
d. 55 km/hr

3. The bridge is 130 metres long and can be crossed in 30 seconds by a train travelling at 45 kilometres per hour.
a. 200 m
b. 225 m
c. 245 m
d. 250 m

4. In 27 seconds and 17 seconds, two trains going in different directions cross a man standing on the platform, and they cross each other in 23 seconds. The following is the ratio of their speeds:
a. 1 : 3
b. 3 : 2
c. 3 : 4
d. None of these

5. In 36 seconds, a train passes a station platform, while a man standing on the platform takes 20 seconds. What is the length of the platform if the train is travelling at 54 km/h?
a. 120 m
b. 240 m
c. 300 m
d. None of these

6. It takes 24 seconds for a train of 240 metres to pass a pole. How long will it take to pass a 650-meter platform?
a. 65 sec
b. 89 sec
c. 100 sec
d. 150 sec

7. At 46 km/hr and 36 km/hr, two trains of equal length are travelling in the same direction on parallel tracks. In 36 seconds, the quicker train passes the slower train. Each train is the following length:
a. 50 m
b. 72 m
c. 80 m
d. 82 m

8. A train with a length of 360 metres is travelling at a speed of 45 kilometres per hour. How long will it take to cross a 140-meter bridge?
a. 40 sec
b. 42 sec
c. 45 sec
d. 48 sec

9. Two trains are travelling at 60 km/hr and 90 km/hr in opposite directions. Their respective lengths are 1.10 kilometres and 0.9 km. The slower train takes the following time in seconds to cross the quicker train:
a. 36
b. 45
c. 48
d. 49

10. A runner running at 9 kilometres per hour runs alongside a railway track 240 metres ahead of the engine of a 120-meter-long train travelling at 45 kilometres per hour in the same direction. How long will the train take to pass the jogger?
a. 3.6 sec
b. 18sec
c. 36sec
d. 72 sec

11. In 9 seconds, a 270-meter-long train travelling at 120 kmph crosses another train travelling at 80 kmph in the other direction. What is the other train's length?
a. 230 m
b. 240 m
c. 260 m
d. 720 m

12. A 72-kilometer-per-hour goods train passes a 250-meter-long platform in 26 seconds. What is the freight train's length?
a. 230 m
b. 240 m
c. 260 m
d. 270 m

13. In 8 seconds, two trains, each 100 metres long and going in opposite directions, cross each other. If one train travels twice as fast as the other, the faster train's speed is:
a. 30 km/hr
b. 45 km/hr
c. 60 km/hr
d. 75 km/hr

14. Two trains, 140 m and 160 m long, run in opposite directions on parallel lines at 60 km/hr and 40 km/hr, respectively. The time it takes them to cross each other in seconds is:
a. 9
b. 9.6
c. 10
d. 10.8

15. A train with a length of 110 metres is travelling at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour. What time will it pass a man jogging at 6 kmph in the opposite direction as the train?
a. 5 sec
b. 6 sec
c. 7 sec
d. 10 sec

16. A train travelling at 75 miles per hour enters a 3 1/2-mile tunnel. The train is about a quarter mile long. From the time the train enters the tunnel to the time it emerges, how long does it take for the train to pass through
a. 2.5 min
b. 3 min
c. 3.2 min
d. 3.5 min

17. A train 800 metres long is travelling at 78 kilometres per hour. If it travels through a tunnel in one minute, the tunnel's length (in metres) is
a. 130
b. 360
c. 500
d. 540

18. A 300-meter train takes 39 seconds to cross a platform and 18 seconds to traverse a signal pole. What is the platform's length?
a. 320 m
b. 350 m
c. 650 m
d. Data inadequate

19. A train can pass a pole in 15 seconds and a 100-meter platform in 25 seconds. It has the following length:
a. 50 m
b. 150 m
c. 200 m
d. Data inadequate

20. In 8 seconds and 20 seconds, a train passes by a telegraph post and a 264-meter-long bridge, respectively. What is the train's top speed?
a. 69.5 km/hr
b. 70 km/hr
c. 79 km/hr
d. 79.2 km/hr

21. If the train's speed is 63 km/hr, how long will it take a 500 metre long train to cross a man walking at 3 km/hr in the direction of the moving train?
a. 25
b. 30
c. 40
d. 45

22. On parallel lines, two goods trains, each 500 metres long, are travelling in opposing directions. Their respective top speeds are 45 km/hr and 30 km/hr. Calculate the time it takes the slower train to pass the faster train's driver.
a. 12 sec
b. 24 sec
c. 48 sec
d. 60 sec

23. Two trains are travelling at the same speed in different directions. If each train is 120 metres long and crosses in 12 seconds, the speed of each train (in kilometres per hour) is:
a. 10
b. 18
c. 36
d. 72

24. It takes 10 seconds and 15 seconds for two trains of similar length to cross a telegraph post. If each train is 120 metres long, how long will it take for them to cross in the opposite direction (in seconds)?
a. 10
b. 12
c. 15
d. 20

25. In 6 seconds, a train 108 metres long travelling at 50 kilometres per hour crosses a train 112 metres long travelling in the other direction. The second train travels at the following speed:
a. 48 km/hr
b. 54 km/hr
c. 66 km/hr
d. 82 km/hr

26. In the same direction, two trains are travelling at 40 km/hr and 20 km/hr, respectively. In less than 5 seconds, a fast train passes a man on a slower train. What is the fast train's duration?
a. 23 m
b. 23 2/9 m
c. 27 7/9 m
d. 29 m

27. A train passes two people walking in the same direction as the train at speeds of 2 and 4 kilometres per hour, passing them entirely in 9 and 10 seconds, respectively. The train is the following length
a. 45 m
b. 50 m
c. 54 m
d. 72 m

28. Two people strolling along a railway track are overtaken by a train. The first one walks at a speed of 4.5 kilometres per hour. The other walks at a speed of 5.4 km/hr. The train takes 8.4 and 8.5 seconds to pass them, respectively. If both people are walking in the same direction as the train, what is the train's speed?
a. 66 km/hr
b. 72 km/hr
c. 78 km/hr
d. 81 km/hr

29. In 12 seconds, a train travelling at 48 kilometres per hour crosses another train travelling in the opposite direction at 42 kilometres per hour. It also takes 45 seconds to pass a railway platform. The platform's length is 12 feet.
a. 400 m
b. 450 m
c. 560 m
d. 600 m

30. On a straight path, the two stations A and B are 110 kilometres apart. At 7 a.m., one train departs from A. and moves at a speed of 20 kmph in the direction of B At 8 a.m., another train departs from B. It is travelling at a speed of 25 kmph in the direction of A. When are they going to meet?
a. 9 a.m.
b. 10 a.m.
c. 10.30 a.m.
d. 11 a.m.

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