Races and Games - Aptitude Questions and Answers | Online Races and Games MCQ Aptitude Test

Races and Games - Aptitude Questions and Answers | Online Races and Games MCQ Aptitude Test

Quiz NameRaces and Games
CategoryOnline Aptitude Test
Number of Questions15
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. In a 100-meter dash, A can give B 10 metres and C 28 metres. B can give C in the same race:
a. 18 m
b. 20 m
c. 27 m
d. 9 m

2. A and B compete in a 100-meter dash. A travels at a speed of 5 kilometres per hour. A starts 8 metres ahead of B and yet defeats him by 8 seconds. B moves at the following rate:
a. 5.15 kmph
b. 4.14 kmph
c. 4.25 kmph
d. 4.4 kmph

3. In a 500 m race, the ratio of two competitors A and B's speeds is 3:4. A begins at a distance of 140 metres. Then A triumphs by:
a. 60 m
b. 40 m
c. 20 m
d. 10 m

4. In a 100-meter dash, A defeats B by 10 metres and C by 13 metres. In a 180-meter race, B will win by:
a. 5.4 m
b. 4.5 m
c. 5 m
d. 6 m

5. In a billiards game, A can offer B 15 points in 60 seconds and A can give C 20 points in 60 seconds. In a 90-minute game, how many points can B offer C?
a. 30 points
b. 20 points
c. 10 points
d. 12 points

6. A can defeat B by 31 metres and C by 18 metres in a 200-meter race. In a 350-meter race, C will win by:
a. 22.75 m
b. 25 m
c. 19.5 m
d. 7 4/7m

7. In a 100-meter dash, A takes 36 seconds while B takes 45 seconds. In this race, A wins by a margin of:
a. 20 m
b. 25 m
c. 22.5 m
d. 9 m

8. In a 100-point game, A can award 20 points to B and 28 points to C. Then B can say to C:
a. 8 points
b. 10 points
c. 14 points
d. 40 points

9. In a 200-meter dash, A wins by 35 metres (7 seconds) over B. Over the course of the course, A's time is:
a. 40 sec
b. 47 sec
c. 33 sec
d. None of these

10. A can run 22.5 metres whereas B can run 25 metres. In a kilometre race, B defeats A by a factor of:
a. 100 m
b. 111 1/9 m
c. 25 m
d. 50 m

11. In a 300-meter race, A wins by 22.5 metres, or 6 seconds. Over the course of the race, B's time is:
a. 86 sec
b. 80 sec
c. 76 sec
d. None of these

12. A runs one time faster than B. How far must the winning post be for A and B to reach it at the same time if A gives B an 80-meter start?
a. 200 m
b. 300 m
c. 270 m
d. 160 m

13. In a 100 metre race, A can defeat B by 25 metres and B by 4 metres. A can beat C in the same race by:
a. 21 m
b. 26 m
c. 28 m
d. 29 m

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