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1. What are the applications of NIC?
a. Connecting a PC to a network
b. To gain access to a computer from afar
c. It's a gateway card that's used in Juniper routers.
d. None at all.

2. The for the United States Department of Defense was the first operating computer network in the world.
a. ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency)
c. DARPANET is a computer network that was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects

3. Incoming packets are sent by a network station by placing them on its shortest output queue. What is the routing algorithm in use?
a. flooding
b. Delta route .
c. route of a hot potato
d. the use of static routing

4. A group of computers that are connected to a server and share programmes and storage space.
a. Classification
b. System that works together
c. The Library
d. Interconnections

5. Which of the following is a serial data transmission standard interface?
a.Centronics, to begin with
b. 2
c.RS232C is a serial communication protocol that allows you to send and receive data.
d. ASCII digits

6. The network layer deals with types of data.
a. the frames
b. the packets
c. bytes
d. Bits

7. Digital signals are transmitted using which multiplexing technique?
a. FDM
b. TDM
c. WDM
d. None of the aforementioned options are available.

8. If a network has n devices, each has n – 1 ports for cables in a topology.
a. Ring
b. Public transportation
c. Acclaim
d. Mesh

9. Which of the following communications services allows you to prepare and send messages?
a. Teletex
b. Teletext
c. . x400
d. Fax

10. Time-To-Line (TTL) use which of the following techniques?
a. A method for preventing packets from looping indefinitely in a best-effort delivery system.
b. a protocol approach in which a lower-level protocol accepts a message from a higher-level protocol and stores it in the low-level frame's data part.
c. When an IP gateway breaks an IP datagram into smaller parts for transmission across a network that can't handle the original datagram size, one of the pieces.
d. Each and every one of the preceding options

11. What is the definition of a passive network topology?
a. Cross
b. Ring
c. Star
d. Bus

12. Switches in the token ring are kept in the .---
a. A transceiver is a device that allows you to communicate with other people via radio
b. Connector with nine pins
c. MAU
d. NIC

13. In a switched LAN, what is the function of the Spanning Tree Protocol?
a. To provide a network monitoring tool in switched networks.
b. In networks with redundant links, to avoid routing loops
c. In networks with redundant switched paths, to avoid switching loops
d. To keep track of the VLAN database on numerous switches.

14. What is a divided horizon, and how does it affect you?
a. Route information should not be returned in the same direction as the initial update.
b. When a large bus (horizon) physical network is present, it splits the traffic.
c. It stores the regular broadcast updates from a downed link.
d. It prevents regular update messages from restoring a downed route.

15. Which command displays all of a router's adjustable parameters and statistics?
a. display the current configuration of the system
b. display the startup configuration
c. demonstrate the user interface
d. display different variations

16. The DoD model (also known as the TCP/IP stack) is divided into four tiers. Which layer of the DoD model corresponds to the OSI Network layer?
a. Application
b. Host-to-Host (H2H)
c. Internet
d. Networking

17. What would you enter in if you wanted to erase the NVRAM configuration?
a. nvram should be deleted.
b. turn off the computer.
c. nvram is deleted
d. turn off the computer.

18. HTTP resources are located in the network by
a. identifier for a unique resource
b. a one-of-a-kind resource finder
c. a unique identifier for a resource
d. Locator of union resources

19. A Web page with four jpeg photos and HTML text has a total of objects.
a. 4
b. 1
c. 5
d. 7

20. Which protocol is used to regulate multimedia communication sessions and is a signalling communication protocol?
a. Protocol for starting a session
b. the protocol for session modelling
c. Protocol for session upkeep
d. Protocol for reserving resources

21. An application layer service is one of the following.
a. virtual terminal for the network.
b. Transferring, accessing, and managing files are covered in section
c. Service of mail
d. Each and every one of the above

22. In what situations might a wireless network interface controller be used?
a. method of infrastructure
b. method of infrastructure
c. infrastructure and ad-hoc modes
d. WDS mode is the fourth option.

23. These are the packets used in datagram switching.
a. Switches
b. Sections
c. Datagrams
d. Packets of data

24. Which of the following statements about signature-based IDSes is incorrect?
a. They notify administrators when traffic behaviour deviates from "normal."
b. They spot attacks that were previously undetected.
c. The technology has matured to the point where it can be used on production networks.
d. They look for matches in network traffic or packets to attack-definition files.

25. In a wireless LAN, which of the following cannot happen?
a. Detection of collisions
b. data frame acknowledgement
c. Data transfer in many modes
d. wired network connectivity

26. Regarding datagram networks, which of the following statements is false?
a. There is no limit to the number of packet flows.
b. At the destination, packets may be out of order.
c. The path hasn't been set up for anyone.
d. For all packets in a flow, the delay is the same.

27. ---is the foundation of the File Transfer Protocol.
a. A data-centric architecture is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about architecture
b. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a type of architecture that is focused on providing
c. architecture of client-server
d. architecture with a strong focus on connections

28. An HTTP request line and a status line both contain which of the following?
a. Version number of the HTTP protocol
b. Internet address
c. Methodology
d. None of the above

29. Which of the following is an internet standard protocol for managing IP-based devices?
a. A dynamic host configuration protocol is a protocol that allows you to change the configuration of your computer
b. a network management protocol that is both simple and effective
c. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a protocol for sending and receiving messages across
d. Protocol for the media gateway

30. What are the two forms of ACLs?1. Standard,2. IEEE,3. In-depth,4. Unique expertise
a. 1–3
b. 2 & 4
c. 3 and 4
d. 1&2

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