Best HTML Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top HTML Interview Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Quiz NameHTML Interview Questions and Answers
Number of Questions25
Time25 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Using the application/x-moz-node type, you can drag and drop objects and elements in a document.
a. HTML and XML dragging
b. Text Drags
c. Nodes dragged
d. None of the preceding are applicable.

2. LightTPD isn't used by anybody.
a. You Tube
b. Wikipedia
c. Meebo is a fictional character created
d. LocalHost

3. Which tag should be used to generate a checkbox on a form?
a. < checkbox>
b. input type="checkbox"> input type="radio"> input type="radio"
c. C. if input = checkbox> if input = radio button if input

4. In order to Connect, relative URLs are utilised.
a.create links to other websites from the same page.
b. provide links to other websites on other pages.
c. create a link between different pages on the same website
d. is unrelated.

5. -------can read and render HTML web pages.
a. Compiler
b. Server
c. Internet Explorer
d. Interpreter

6. What is the procedure for creating an email link?
d. (b) and (C) are both true

7. To combine two cells horizontally, what attribute will you use with the TD tag?
a. merge=colspan2 is a combination of merge=colspan1 and merge=colspan
b. rowspan=2
c. colspan=2
d. row2=merge

8. What mechanisms are there in HTML for specifying colours?
a. Colors in RGB
b. The names of colours
c. Colors in Hexadecimal
d. Each and every one of the preceding options

9. Which statement from the following is correct?
a. The names of the attributes must all be capitalised.
b. Do not quote attribute values.
c. Attribute values must be quoted
d. Attribute reduction is essential

10. The web standard enables programmers to structure and display information on a variety of computer platforms. What are the titles of these programmes?
a. Browsers
b. HTML version 1.0
c. Internet Explorer
d. None of these are correct.

11. What happens if the video's height and width are not specified while it is loading?
a. Page flickers
b. The page will not load.
c. Crash of the page
d. none of the above

12. Select the appropriate HTML statement
a. Exo is a cloud-based application that includes tools for collaboration and deployment.
b. Java and Python aren't supported by Exo.
c. Javascript and HTML5 are supported by Exo.
d. A and c are both true

13. Control for entering a phone number is defined by which of the following type properties of an input element?
a. mob
b. tel
c. mobile
d. telephone

14. Which property is used to determine which drag action is desired?
a. dragend
b. Obtain Information
c. dropEffect is a word that comes to mind when you think of the word "
d. data collection

15. The original web browser was which one of the following?
a. Nexus
b. Netscape Navigator is a browser that was developed by Netscape Communications Corporation.
c. Internet Explorer
d. Mosaic

16. Which of the following can be encountered frequently on online pages?
a. the web
b. clickable text
c. intranet
d. everything that comes to mind

17. The defines markup construct syntax and includes additional definitions such as character entity references.
a. Aspects
b. DTD
c. Element
d. SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)

18. Which of the following is not an HTML5 new element?
a. text
b. sound recording
c. navigator
d. frameset

19. What does the attribute "defer" mean?
a. It postpones HTML page rendering.
b. It waits for the page to be rendered before executing the script.
c. It postpones CSS attribute rendering.
d. None of the above

20. To add a horizontal line to a web page, what tag should you use?
a. < hr>
b. < br>
c. < line>
d. < line direction = “horizontal”>

21. What should we include in a Dreamweaver template to control where page content appears?
a. Content Controllers
b. Framing
c. HTML controllers
d. Regions That Can Be Changed

22. Which plugins support older browsers as a fallback option?
a. Flash
b. Quicktime
c. a and b are both correct.
d. none of the aforementioned options are available.

23. During both a dragenter and dragover event, calling the method will indicate that a drop is permitted at that place.
a. drop
b. dragging
c. Default prevention
d. transfer of data

24. With one copy of Dreamweaver installed on our computer, we can create number of sites.
a. 990
b. 10
c. 1
d. there are no restrictions

25. Which CSS property is used in conjunction with the direction property to determine whether the text should be overridden in order to enable several languages in the same document?
a. direction
b. line-height
c. colour
d. unicode-bidi

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