Best C++ Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top C++ Interview Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Best C++ Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top C++ Interview Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Quiz NameC++ Questions and Answers
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Which keyword is used to access the variable in namespace?
a. making use of
b. dynamic
c. construct
d. static

2. What is the required preprocessor directive in C++?
a. #define
b. #include
c. #undef
d. none of the above

3. What is the ability to group some lines of code that can be included in the programme?
a.particular task
b. modularization
c. programme control
d. macros

4. What does the derived class not inherit from the base class?
a. function Object() { [native code] } and destructor
b. acquaintances
c. operator = () members
d. all of the aforementioned

5. In the C99 compiler, what is the maximum number of parameters that can be passed to a function?
b. 99
c. 127
d. 102

6. What are the literal constants made up of?
a. integers
b. Floating-point numbers
c. strings and boolean values
d. all of the aforementioned

7. Other than class, which other keywords are utilised to declare the class?
a. object
b. union
c. struct
d. both b and c

8. What is the index number of the last entry in a 9-element array?
a. 9
b. 8
c. 0
d. Programmer-defined

9. Which function in C/CPP programming is unrelated to file handling?
a. fprintf();
b. printf();
c. fclose();
d. fopen();

10. The term refers to a function that calls itself continuously until a condition is met---
a. Friend Function
b.Recursive Function
c. Overloading Function
d. Virtual Function

11. The fields in the structure of a C programme are by default?
a. secure
b. the general public
c. private
d. none of the above

12. C++: If the visibility mode or mode of derivation is not supplied during a class inheritance in CPP, the default visibility mode is___________.
a. The general public
c. private
d. ally

13.The term "prototype of a function" refers to ----
a. Function Title
b. The Function's Output
c. Declaration of Function
d. Function Input

14. The time it takes for a variable to appear in memory is determined by its type----
a. scope
b. storage category
c. data type
d. all of the above

15. When inheriting, what is the default visibility mode?
a. The general public
b. secure
c. private
d. could be any of the preceding.

16.A method must be defined in order to serve as an interface between the outside world and a class---
a. Exclusive
b. secure
c. The general public
d. external

17.Which of the following is the right answer regarding 'n' and endl?
a. They are both the same.
b. 'n' and endl are both used to print a new line, but endl flushes the buffer after printing the new line.
c. Both 'n' and endl are used to print a new line, but 'n' flushes the buffer after printing the new line.
d. 'n is used in C programming, whereas endl is used in C++ programming.

18. C++ was created by----
a. Clocksin and Mellish
b. Donald E. Knuth
c. Sir Richard Hadlee
d. Bjarne Stroustrup

19.Which of the following principles refers to choosing which method to invoke at runtime?
a. Information concealment
b. Dynamic Typing
c. Dynamic loading
d. Dynamic binding

20.Which characteristic of the OOPS provides the concept of reusability?
a. Abstraction
b. Encapsulation
c. Inheritance
d. None of the above

21.What does the client module import?
a. interface
b. documentation
c. macro
d. none of the above

22. Which is more efficient when invoking the functions?
a. pointer call
b. call by value by reference
d. none of the above

23. What is the maximum capacity of your class?
a. data
b. Functions
c. none of the above
d. both A and B

24.Which of the following is a Memory Leak Detection Tool?
b. KDevelop
c. GIT
d. Valgrind

25. How many functions must be present in a C++ programme for it to run?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

26. Which looping process examines the test condition at the end of the loop?
a. as in
b. while
c. do-while
d. no looping process examines the test condition at the conclusion

27.What is the sequence in which the constructors of class B are called when it is inherited from class A?
a.Class A is first, followed by Class B.
b. Class B is first, followed by Class A.
c. Class B's solely because it is the child class
d. Class A's solely because it is the parent class

28. Which of the following is the most prevalent method of implementing C++?
a. A compiler immediately compiles C++ applications into native code.
b. C++ programmes are first compiled to intermediate code by a compiler before being run by a virtual machine.
c. C++ programmes are interpreted using an interpreter.
d. A C++ editor directly compiles and runs the application.

29. The smallest number of temporary variables required to swap the contents of two variables is:
a. 0
b. 1
d. 3

30.Which of the following are not valid identifiers?
a. Letters
b. Numbers
c. Subscores
d. White Spaces

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