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TCS NQT Verbal Ability Questions 2023 | TCS NQT Verbal Ability For 2024, 2023, 2022 Passout:  TCS Verbal Ability/English Questions 2023 are now available for download from our article for candidates interested in joining TCS. We assist candidates in being more knowledgeable of TCS's frequently asked Verbal Ability Questions. Furthermore, we provide you with the highest quality Verbal ability Questions pdf in this post. TCS Verbal Ability Test Pattern is also supplied to applicants who are interested in working for TCS. As a result, aspirants can also prepare for the TCS Verbal Ability Test on the Internet.

To begin with, the TCS Verbal Ability Test Pattern consists of ten questions with negative markings. The candidates have 10 minutes to finish the TCS Verbal Ability Questions. In addition, there are two questions with bonus points. As a result, a person must perform well while keeping bad ratings in mind. Furthermore, this verbal ability test is used to determine our English proficiency. Then, in order to raise knowledge about the TCS Verbal Ability Test Pattern, we present you with crucial information about the TCS Verbal Ability Questions 2023.
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Questions & Answers for TCS Verbal Ability

In addition, we have included the TCS Verbal Ability Questions 2023 in our article. Furthermore, you must practice online in order to get the job. Because the TCS Recruitment team uses an online way to perform their written test. As a result, in order to be hired, one must practice the TCS Verbal Ability Online Test. Due to a lack of practice and awareness, many hopefuls fail the interview. As a result, our website offers you the most up-to-date material to help you to face the interview. 

Reading Comprehension:

Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.


Choose the synonym for the word: "Eminent."

What is the antonym of the word: "Innocent."

Select the word that best completes the sentence: "The children were playing ___ the park."

What does the word "Altruistic" mean?


Identify the correct sentence structure among the options.

Correct the grammatical error in the given sentence.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

Sentence Completion:

Complete the sentence: "She is a talented dancer ___."

Choose the best option to complete the sentence: "If I ___ more time, I would have completed the project."

Para Jumbles:

Rearrange the jumbled sentences to form a coherent paragraph.

Cloze Test:

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word to complete the passage.

Error Spotting:

Identify the error in the underlined part of the sentence.


Apple is to fruit as carrot is to ___.

Logical Inference:

If all cats have tails, and Simba is a cat, does Simba have a tail?


All birds can fly. Sparrows are birds. Can sparrows fly?

Critical Reasoning:

Choose the conclusion that logically follows the given statement.

Idioms and Phrases:

What does the phrase "a piece of cake" mean?

One Word Substitution:

What do you call a person who studies the stars and planets?

Active/Passive Voice:

Convert the sentence from active to passive voice or vice versa.

Direct/Indirect Speech:

Convert the sentence from direct to indirect speech or vice versa.

These are just sample questions to give you an idea of the types of verbal questions that might be asked in the TCS NQT. For comprehensive preparation, consider using study materials, mock tests, and previous year's papers available on various online platforms.

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