TCS Digital Coding Questions with Answers 2023 | TCS Coding Questions & Programming Round

TCS Coding Programming Questions & Answers PDF Download | Latest TCS Coding Question Pattern For Freshers

TCS Digital Coding Questions with Answers 2023 | TCS Coding Questions & Programming Round: TCS Sample Coding Programming Questions MCQ is now available for download from this page. We hope that the contestants will find these coding programming questions helpful in passing the exam. Furthermore, this material will assist you in increasing your knowledge of the TCS programming exam. We also give you the opportunity to practice with additional test patterns and placement papers. Applying for a job with a multinational corporation is not only the key to success; you must also practice in order to be hired by TCS. Furthermore, acquiring a job in a TCS is not straightforward. To secure a job in such a reputable company, everyone must put in a lot of effort. Our website also wishes to assist those candidates who are eager to work at TCS. Practice is a requirement for obtaining a job.
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TCS Coding Programming Questions 2023

We all know that wasting time by looking for TCS Coding Programming Questions 2023 on numerous other websites is a waste of time. So, we've made it simple by gathering all of the material on the TCS programming test and filtering it by subjects that raise awareness and are valuable to those who wish to work for TCS. To secure a job, one must take the application process seriously and create a schedule that gives equal weight to all courses. When it comes to coding, is critical in the IT industry. As a result, everyone should have a fundamental understanding of programming languages.

TCS Coding Programming Questions Syllabus Details

  • Swapping and Reversal
  • Factorial and Series
  • Operations on Numbers
  • Misc
  • String Reversal
  • Average of two Numbers
  • LCM of two Numbers
  • HCF/GCD Question
  • LCM & HCF
It can also be said that it is essential in the lives of every Engineer. To become a skilled coder, one must understand the techniques and methods for assessing an issue. As a result, here is the place to go to learn everything you need to know about TCS Coding Programming Questions 2023, TCS programming tests, and TCS coding questions in C.

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TCS Coding Programming Questions & Answers

TCS has altered the exam pattern by adding two new areas to the written exam, namely technical MCQs on C language and coding, as well as updating the Quantitative Ability segment, which requires applicants to answer 20 questions in 40 minutes. Candidates may receive some 2** questions (carry more marks) in Technical MCQs, and each part will have a negative marking, so candidates must mark answers carefully.

Aside from that, the contestants must practice fundamental C programming questions.
Always check current openings, Syllabus, and Test patterns before beginning your preparation. As a result, that individual will have no trouble passing the test. As a result, we have provided Aptitude, Reasoning, and English Test Papers with solutions to assist the candidates. Candidates can learn how to do effectively in the TCS Recruitment Process by using these practice papers.

TCS NQT Programming Round Questions Answers

This new section was added to the TCS new pattern exam, which requires applicants to complete one programming question in C programming in 20 minutes utilizing an inbuilt online compiler. The majority of the questions will be about basic C programming using COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS. As a result, contestants must practice all of the fundamental command-line programs, such as GCD, HCF, LCM, factorial, Fibonacci series, string programs (reverse/ search/ replace, etc.), the sum of a number, even/odd, leap year, and so on. To get a job at an MNC, you need to know how to use the basic C programs. As a result, even if the recruitment team changes the reasoning, they should be able to develop the C program in any language or format.

This is the best location for job searchers to learn everything they need to know about Top IT Companies Recruitment. There is fierce competition for employment openings this year and in the following years. As a result, candidates who have the desire to work across India should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to advance their careers. We have published TCS Placement Papers in PDF format for the convenience of candidates. You can also download them to prepare them offline.

TCS Basic Coding Test Questions Syllabus List

  • Greatest among 10 numbers.
  • Fibonacci Series.
  • HCF / GCD.
  • Factorial.
  • Decimal to Binary & vice versa
  • Reverse a String.
  • Reverse a Number.
  • Palindrome.
  • Prime Number.
  • Leap Year.
  • Sum of Digits of a number.
  • Binary to Decimal.
  • Decimal to Binary.
  • Factorial of a Number.
  • Square Root of Prime Number.
  • Square Root without a square root.
  • Armstrong Number.
  • Area.
  • Swap 2 numbers.
  • Concatenate 2 strings.
  • LCM of Two Number using CLP.
  • Average of Two Numbers.
  • Armstrong Number.
  • Odd-Even Number.
  • Area of Triangle.
  • Checking Palindrome (String).
  • Reverse Digits of a Number.
  • Checking Prime or Not.
  • Binary to Octal.
  • Decimal to Octal.
  • Check Leap Year.
  • Area of Circle.
  • Checking Palindrome (Number).
We hope that the information we have provided you with regarding some key "C" programs that were requested during the Coding Test will assist you in cracking the code. You should be adequately prepared for TCS Off-Campus and ON-Campus Interviews by having a basic understanding of C and some basic programs that are asked every year. As a result, before heading to the interview, prepare for these programs. In addition, this article includes a large number of C program examples. If you have any questions about the following c program examples, please visit the links above.

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