How to Prepare for InfyTQ Exam? Study Plan, Infosys Certification Exam For Freshers

How to Prepare for InfyTQ Exam 2023 | InfyTQ Exam Pattern And Syllabus For 2023, 2022, 2021 Batch: This page is for students who are planning to take the Infosys InfyTQ Certification Exam. We've included extensive instructions on how to prepare for the InfyTQ Certification Exam. The Infosys Company is conducting this InfyTQ 2023 Certification Exam exclusively for Freshers who wish to get a head start in their careers. 

The applicants must be recent graduates in any of the following fields: B.E/ B.Tech, M.E/ M.Tech, M.Sc/ MCA, M.E/ M.Tech, M.Sc/ MCA, M.E/ M.Tech, M.Sc/ MCA, M.E/ M.Tech, M.Sc/ In addition, the InfyTQ Certification Exam will be held for three separate designations, including System Engineer (3.5 LPA), System Engineer Specialist (5.0 LPA), and Power Programmer (8.0 LPA). Furthermore, students should prepare appropriately for the InfyTQ Exam held off-campus.
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InfyTQ 4 Weeks Study Plan

  • Week 1:By watching the lessons and practicing every day, you may prepare for the Python Programming Fundamentals exam.

  • Week 2: Then, study the Object-Oriented Programming Retail, such as OOP basics, Encapsulation, and Using Objects, among other topics.

  • Week 3: Revise the concepts from Weeks 1 and 2, and then begin learning Data Structures and Algorithms, as the topics will be more difficult and the fundamentals will need to be strong.

  • Week 4: So, all applicants should begin studying the InfyTQ Exam's final subject, which is DBMS and SQL.

Exam Preparation Topics for InfyTQ Certifications

Students who are preparing to take the InfyTq Certification Exam should have a strategy in place to deal with the exam. We recommend that candidates practice mock tests with the Infosys INFYTQ app to go over all of the basic concepts and keep a time limit. Candidates are encouraged to use the infyTQ app, which may be accessed by clicking on the provided link and registering for free.

To Download The InfyTQ App: Click Here (Android Only)

Applicants must be familiar with either Python or Java programs, although the first stage, known as the 'Qualifier Round,' will feature an Aptitude Syllabus that will be the same for all applicants. As a result, students should plan ahead for this round. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with a time limit of 60 minutes.

  • Java/ Python:   20 Questions
    1. DBMS: 10 Questions
    1. Aptitude:    10 questions
    • Day 1: Slot 1 at 11 am
    • Day 2: Slot 1 at 11 AM | Slot 2 at 5 PM
    • Day 3: Slot 1 at 11 AM | Slot 2 at 2 PM | Slot 3 at 5 PM
    • Day 4: Slot 1 at 11 AM | Slot 2 at 5 PM
    The 'Final Round' is open to applicants who qualified in the 'Qualifier Round.' You will be tested on your programming and database management skills in this round. This round consists of objective and hands-on questions with a time limit of three hours. Candidates who score 65 percent or higher in the Final Round will receive Infosys Certification and be eligible for an Infosys interview. This Final Round will be held ONLINE, taking into account COVID's circumstances. All qualifying candidates will get an email with the details of the Final Round, including the day and time.

    Programming Language

    • Java
    • Python

    Data Structures & Algorithms

    • Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming
    • Stack and Queue
    • Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Graphs
    • Hashing
    • Introduction to Data Structures
    • Analysis of Algorithms
    • Searching & Sorting

    DBMS & SQL

    • Introduction to DBMS
    • SQL Basics
    • DDL | DML Statements

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