IBM Verbal Ability Questions & Answers For Freshers

IBM Verbal Ability Questions & Answers For Freshers | Verbal Ability Questions In IBM Placement With Answer Key: We are here to provide an example of IBM Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers to job seekers who have applied for an IBM placement drive (2018, 2019, 2020 Batches). Candidates can maximize their exam scores by practicing the IBM English practice questions given. Our page is quite useful because it contains IBM Verbal Ability questions and answers, as well as solutions. As a result, applicants can practice all of the IBM English problems in this post. Aspirants can get a sense of the difficulty level of questions that may be asked in the exam by practicing IBM English Language Questions and Answers.
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IBM Verbal Ability Questions & Answers For Freshers Complete Overview

  • Number of Questions: 22 Questions
  • Allotted Time: 20 mins

Possible Topics: Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Synonyms, Antonyms, Active and Passive Voice, Spotting Error, Idioms and Phrases, Sentence Completion.

IBM Verbal Ability Questions & Answers For Freshers

Directions (Q 1 – 5): Choose the Synonyms of the following words

1. Sacrosanct

A. Indifferent
B. Voluble
C. Ineffable
D. Inviolable

Answer – D. Inviolable
Sacrosanct – something which is regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.

2. Eccentric

A. Usual
B. Introvert
C. Extraordinary
D. Unconventional

Answer – D. Unconventional
Eccentric – unconventional or slightly strange often relating to a person’s behavior

3. Predilection

A. Ignorance
B. Dissonance
C. Antipathy
D. Preference

Answer – D. Preference
Predilection – a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something

4. Imposture

A. Charlatan
B. Deception
C. Commensurate
D. Claim

Answer – A. Charlatan
Imposture – An instance of pretending to be someone else in order to deceive others.

5. Predilection

A. Ignorance
B. Antipathy
C. Preference
D. Procrastination

Answer – C. Preference
Predilection – a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.

Directions (Q 6 – 10): Choose the Antonyms of the following words

6. Opulence

A. Critical
B. Finicky
C. Poverty
D. Funky

Answer – C. Poverty
Explanation: Opulence – great wealth or luxuriousness.
Poverty – Very Poor

7. Wane

A. Decrease
B. Decline
C. Deteriorate
D. Revive

Answer – D. Revive
Explanation: Revive – restore to life or consciousness.

8. Parochial

A. Repugnant
B. Conservative
C. Repine
D. Global

Answer – D. Global
Explanation: Parochial – having a limited or narrow outlook or scope.
Global – relating to the whole world; worldwide.

9. Veteran

A. Novice
B. Bounteous
C. Exuberant
D. Modernistic

Answer – A. Novice
Explanation: Veteran – a person who has had long experience in a particular field. where
Novice – a person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation.

10. Fiendish

A. Illiberal
B. Wicked
C. Friendly
D. Simplify

Answer – C. Friendly
Explanation: Fiendish – extremely cruel or unpleasant.
Friendly – kind and pleasant

Questions (11 – 15): Choose the correct option and Fill in the Blanks

11. When the legal process itself becomes the ___________, the slapping of sedition charges is an attempt to browbeat the protesters into ___________.

A. disavowal, defiance
B. punishment, submission
C. allegiance, combat
D. fidelity, contention
Answer – B. punishment, submission
punishment – the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.
submission – the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

12. The ___________ of the Army in just about any political debate and its projection as the ideal to which every citizen should aspire towards is also an attempt to regiment the citizenry on the same ___________ lines.

A. resolution, unexpurgated
B. integrity, unabridged
C. conscientiousness, plenary
D. invocation, hierarchical

Answer – D. invocation, hierarchical
invocation – the action of invoking someone or something.
hierarchical – of the nature of a hierarchy; arranged in order of rank.

13. While the general methodology has become part of_____________economics, it is mostly_____________to academic research.

A. heterodox, incuriousness
B. equivocal, lassitude
C. ambiguous, indifference
D. orthodox, confined

Answer – D. orthodox, confined
orthodox – following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.
confined – restricted in area or volume; cramped.

14. We are now trying to repurpose that suitcase, so that it can also enable the diagnosis of_____________fever and tuberculosis, further revolutionizing disease_____________in poor and rural communities.

A. typhoid, surveillance
B. detract, durable
C. utter, inactive
D. diminish, lethargic

Answer – A. typhoid, surveillance
typhoid – an infectious bacterial fever with an eruption of red spots on the chest and abdomen and severe intestinal irritation.
surveillance – close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.

15. In the last one decade, along with many other___________ laws of colonial___________ , it has become extremely popular with our rulers.

A. disclaimer, friction
B. obedience, deviation
C. probity, an invention
D. draconian, vintage
Answer – D. draconian, vintage
draconian – excessively harsh and severe.
vintage – the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced.

Directions (Q 16 – 18): Choose the best option in the place of bold words for the purpose of Sentence Correction

16. He stared at the front, but got tired and dropped after as the race went on.

A. drop with
B. drop back
C. drop away
D. No correction required.

Answer – B. Drop back
Explanation: drop back is nothing but move towards the back of a group.

17. If I could chip on, there are a couple of issues I’d like to raise.

A. chip of
B. chip up
C. chip in
D. No correction required.

Answer – C. chip in
Explanation: Chip in – Contribute to a discussion.

18. The lecture was boring and my mind wandered off after ten minutes.

A. Waltz through
B. Wash down
C. wandered off
D. No correction required.

Answer – C. wandered off
Explanation: Wander off – Stop paying attention.

Directions (Q 19 – 20) Find the meaning of the bold words in the sentence

19. The moorland is devoid of interest except to grazing sheep.

B. plenary
C. replete
D. lacking

Answer – C. lacking
Explanation: devoid – entirely lacking or free from.

20. This zoogeographical realm includes Africa south of the Atlas Mountains.

A. province
B. alfresco
C. cognigent
D. farthest

Answer – A. province
Explanation: realm – a kingdom.

Directions ( Q 21 -22 ) Choose the pair that best represents a similar relationship to the one expressed in the original pair of words


A. edit: manuscript
B. scheme: agent
C. revise: writer
D. mention: opinion

Answer – A. edit: manuscript
Explanation: To tailor a suit is to alter it; to edit a manuscript is to alter it.


A. metropolitan: urban
B. harvest: autumn
C. agrarian: benevolent
D. sleepy: nocturnal

Answer – A. metropolitan: urban
Explanation: Pastoral describes rural areas; metropolitan describes urban areas.

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