L&T Technical, HR Interview Questions 2022-2023

L&T Technical, HR Interview Questions 2022-2023: Those looking for L&T Interview Questions 2022-2023 should read this article. Candidates should have a basic understanding of the interview questions that the employer would ask before applying for any job. As a result, we've prepared L&T Technical and HR Interview Questions for you. As a result, our website can assist you in providing a thorough overview of the L&T Interview Questions. Furthermore, we have divided the interview questions into categories for freshers and experienced candidates so that candidates may readily distinguish between them. As a result, we recommend that candidates read this page in order to become more familiar with the L&T Interview Questions 2022-2023.
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L&T Technical, HR Interview Questions 2022-2023 Complete Overview

Company NameL&T
Designation NameTrainee Engineer, Systems Engineer, Operations Executive, Analyst
CategoryInterview Questions Answers
Selection RoundsGroup Discussion, Online Test, Technical Test, and HR Interview

Many candidates pass the written test and the group discussion, but many do not pass the technical and HR interview rounds. As a result, the most significant grounds for screening students/freshmen/experienced are these two. As a result, candidates should exercise extreme caution when participating in these rounds. They should also go over the L&T Recruitment Team's interview questions thoroughly, as well as past placement papers. As a result, by consulting prior placement papers, candidates can quickly grasp the questions and respond appropriately, allowing them to breeze through the interview.

L&T Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced Candidates 2022-2023

As a result, this page is made up of interview questions gathered from numerous sources. As a result, these L&T interview Questions 2022-2023 aid hopefuls in their interview preparation. Furthermore, you can now get these interview questions for free. Freshmen can also visit our website for additional interview questions on the fundamental programming languages. As a result, candidates must pass the written test in order to be successful. Furthermore, they should concentrate on technical and HR interviews. First and foremost, they must pass the written exam. Second, they must obtain a copy of the preceding papers. Finally, students must prepare for the interview questions.

L&T Interview Questions for Freshers 2022-2023

DBMS Interview Questions for Freshers:
  • Define Primary Key?
  • Why use materialized view instead of a table?
  • What does ROLLBACK do?
  • Compare and contrast TRUNCATE and DELETE for a table?
  • Define Unique Key?
  • What are cursors?
  • Define Dbms?
  • What is the purpose of Database systems?
  • State the difference between Security and Integrity?
  • Define Normalisation?
  • Define Foreign Key?
  • What is the Oracle table?
  • Why use materialized view instead of a table?
  • What are Clusters?
  • What is an Index?
.NET Interview Questions for Freshers:
  • What is an IL?
  • What is Manifest?
  • Explain memory-mapped files
  • What are code contracts?
  • What is .NET Framework?
  • What are the main components of the .NET Framework?
  • List the new features added in .NET Framework 4.0?
  • Name the classes that are introduced in the System. Numerics namespace?
  • What is managed extensibility framework?
  • What is the difference between Systems? String and System.StringBuilder classes?
  • Which method do you use to enforce garbage collection in .NET?
  • What is a Common Type System (CTS)?
  • Describe the roles of CLR in .NET Framework
  • What is the role of the JIT compiler in the .NET Framework?
Networking Interview Questions for Freshers:
  • Define LAN, MAN, and WAN?
  • What is a LAN?
  • What is a node?
  • What is a network?
  • What is TELNET?
  • What is switching?
  • What are routers?
  • How can you identify the IP class of a given IP address?
  • What is the equivalent layer or layers of the TCP/IP Application layer in terms of OSI reference model?
  • How can you identify the IP class of a given IP address?
  • How can you identify the IP class of a given IP address?
  • What is OSI and what role does it play in computer networks?
  • What are MAC addresses?
  • What is the main purpose of OSPF?

L&T HR Questions for Freshers 2022-2023

  • For how long do you expect to stay with our organization?
  • Tell us about your achievements at the college level?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why there is a gap in your education?
  • Are you flexible to work shifts or weekends?
  • What are your future goals?
  • Are you a good team player?
  • Are you willing to relocate/travel?
  • Are you planning to go for further studies?
  • Are you a hard worker or a smart worker?

L&T Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates 2022-2023

What is the difference between single equal “=” and double equal “==” operators in C?
Why is the default statement used in the switch case in C?
What is the difference between the pre-increment operator and the post-increment operator in C?
What is the difference between pre-decrement operators and post-decrement operators?
C Linux Development Engineer Interview Questions for Experienced:
What are the difference between while and do-while loops in C?
Why is the default statement used in the switch case in C?
Why is the default statement used in the switch case in C?
What is the use of the “goto” statement?
What value will be assigned to the variable X if a = 10, b = 20, c = 30, d = 40 in below expression?X = a/b+c*d-c;
Why is the default statement used in the switch case in C?
What are “&” and “*” operators in C?
What will happen if the break statement is not used in the switch case in C?

Graphics Developer Interview Questions for Experienced:
  • What are computing and Storage nodes?
  • How does master-slave architecture in the Hadoop?
  • How does a Hadoop application look like or its basic components?
  • What is the Hadoop framework?
  • On What concept the Hadoop framework works?
  • What Mapper does?
  • L&T HR Interview Questions for Experienced
  • How much salary are you expecting?
  • What is MapReduce?
  • Explain how input and output data format of the Hadoop framework?
  • What is the restriction on the key and value class?
  • Which interface needs to be implemented to create Mapper and Reducer for Hadoop?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • What do you do to improve your knowledge?
  • Tell us some of your strengths
  • Tell us some of your weaknesses
  • How do you rate your communication skills?
  • What is your dream company to work for?
  • Who is your role model? Why do you choose him/her?
  • Are you able to perform under pressure?
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