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Wakefit is a home and sleeping solutions firm that aims to create snug and comfortable living conditions that are both ergonomic and natural. Wakefit is dedicated to understanding as much as possible about people's sleep patterns in order to develop intuitive products that improve our customers' sleep quality. They're seeking for people who are passionate about sleep and have an uncanny ability to fall asleep almost anywhere and at any time – even in the midst of loud noises, crucial meetings, or tense movies.

Skills Required for Employment

It is regarded a valuable experience to have fallen asleep in class, at meetings, and on phone calls.

A strong sense of aesthetics in the bedroom and at home, as well as tactics and suggestions for creating the ideal sleeping environment.

Motivation to sleep soundly and for the entire nine hours every night, not only on weekends.

You should understand the different types of naps and how to take a siesta.

Reading, listening to quiet music, and other unplugged activities that promote excellent sleep are recommended.

A healthy appreciation of bedroom products and a thorough understanding of the aspects that make for effective sleep products.

There is a strong desire to keep track of one's sleep and fitness routines.

Drinks and foods that make you sleepy, such as rice or chamomile, are favourites.


Interns will be given a Wakefit mattress once they have been selected. Every sleep intern will be assigned a tracking method and the integration of an app.

Skills that are desired

Any degree that has been finished.

Self-control while scrolling through social media and the ability to stop binge-watching, even at season finale levels.

With sleep recommendations at his fingertips, he has a curiosity for all things sleep.

After hitting the pillow – or any flat sleeping surface – you should be able to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes.

Should live a sleep-friendly lifestyle, which includes no late-night snacking, caffeine, or alcohol consumption. It's a plus if you have a workout routine.

A growing proclivity for dozing off in virtual calls or meetings.

A new way of dressing that involves wearing pyjamas, shorts, or nightclothes all day and night.


For 100 days, you can earn ten lakhs by sleeping 9 hours.

A cutting-edge mattress that will assist you in getting a good night's rest.

Each sleep intern gets a stipend of RS. 1 lakh.

Getting paid to sleep is a possibility.

A sleep tracker.

The best intern or Sleep Champion will be awarded a prize of ten lakhs.

You'll be expected to

Every night for the next 100 nights, you must sleep for 9 hours.

Become India's Sleep Champion by competing against other applicants.

Every night, keep track of how much you slept.

Participate in the difficulties that are presented your way throughout the internship.

What is a Sleep Internship, and what does it entail?

The Wakefit Sleep Internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people to apply for a paid internship where all they have to do is sleep for 9 hours every night for 100 nights in exchange for a generous stipend. A group of excellent sleepers or passionate sleepers will be chosen for the Wakefit Sleep Interns Batch of the year 2021-22 after a rigorous selection process filled with intriguing challenges.

Season 2 of the Wakefit Sleep Internship Program will begin in 2021

https://wakefit.co/ is the website address.

Then, under “Wakefit Sleep Internship - Season 2 of 2021,” look for and click the link.

Wakefit Work From Home Internship 2021 has a lot of information.

If you're interested and qualified, apply via the Wakefit Sleep Internship Link below.

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