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Quiz NameTIBCO
CategoryTechnical Interview
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Identify the two filter types that allow one or more unique values to be selected.
a. Radio Button 
b. Item 
c. Tick the Box
d. Text Box 

2. A company's fiscal year begins in December. What should the 'Fiscal Year Offset' value be?
a. 0
b. -1
c. 1
d. 2

3. What are the two assertions concerning TIBCO Business Studio Asset Central that are correct?
a. It utilises a source control server to allow many users to share numerous versions of projects.
b. Process designers must be linked to the source control server at all times.
c. It enables a project to be checked out of a source control server and edited locally.
d. Multiple versions of projects can only be kept in the local workspace.

4. The Data Functions Properties dialogue can be accessed from which menu?
a. Information
b. Illustrations
c. Handouts
d. File 

5. You'd like to use TIBCO Runtime Agent with a third-party database driver (TRA). What is the best command to use?
a. traDBConfig is a configuration file for the TraDB database.
b. traUpgradeManager is a programme that automates the process of upgrading a computer.
c. function Object() { [native code] } 
d. traUpgradeManager is a programme that automates the process of upgrading a computer.

6. Which of the following statements concerning Organization Models is correct?
a. They support numerous LDAP servers.
b. They can't be used without BPM.
c. If the BPM application isn't automated, they're not required.
d. They can be used by several BPM apps at the same time.

7. The ;-finger is also known as the;-finger.
a. Index on the right
b. Right in the middle
c. Ring on the right
d. Pinky to the right

8. What are the studio-tools.exe utility's two primary functions?
a. Version 2.x projects are imported.
b. Works with projects from version 3.x.
c. Examines the results of decision tables
d. Makes sure that the decision tables are accurate.

9. Which finger should be used to make the slash?
a. In the right middle
b. J-Finger 
c. Right Pinky
d. K-finger 

10. Which of the following statements about CDDs is incorrect?
a. At any given time, a CDD can only be associated with one form of Object Management.
b. CDD and EAR files are needed for deployment.
c. CA project's relationship with a CDD can be one-to-many.
d. When a new rule is added to a project, the CDD must be rebuilt.

11. What are form bindings good for?
a.To link a rule to a personal or group activity.
b.To use a form event to update a rule
c. Based on a control value, update a control property
d. To enable many rules to share a single action.

12. When you suspend a process instance, which statement is correct?
a. Except in a Supervisor Work View, all work items are suspended.
b. Work items that are open while the process instance is suspended can still be submitted.
c. Until the process instance is resumed, all work items stay in the allocated state.
d. In the work item list, all suspended tasks become visible.

13. Which of the following statements regarding the publication of messages with wildcard subjects is correct?
a. If the daemon is running in managed mode, it is permissible.
b. For certified delivery carriers, publishing to wildcard subjects is legal.
c. The Rendezvous daemon (RVD) will throw an error if this is attempted.
d. It's legal, but it's not a good idea because it can lead to strange behaviour.

14. What is the purpose of studio-tools.exe?
a. Ensures that decision tables are accurate.
b. Examines and evaluates decision-making tables.
c. Works with projects from version 2.x.
d. Uses Microsoft Excel to import decision tables.

15. Which of the following statements concerning a CDD is true?
a. Both a CDD and a project are required for deployment.
b. When a new rule is added to the project, the CDD must be rebuilt.
c. At any one time, a CDD can be associated with any Object Management type.
d. A project and a CDD can have a one-to-many relationship.

16. TextMessageSerializer can handle which two JMS message types?
a. Messages in a Map, and Messages in a Stream
b. Stream Message and Bytes Message are two different types of messages.
c. Text Messages and Map Messages
d. Message in Bytes, Message in Text

17. Before the TIBCO Business Events engine can start, which file must be setup with system-level settings?
b. CDD (chronic diarrhoea)
c. Site topology
d. be-engine.xml 

18. Which TIBCO Business Event object can be cached?
a. Scoresheets
b. Ideas
c. Global Variables 
d. Functions of Rules

19. What are some instances of acts that kick off a process?
a. Timer and Sleeping
b. HTTP receiver and timer
c. Sleep and get your mail
d. HTTP Recipient and File Read

20. How can you change a JMS destination's default event?
a. In TIBCO Business Events, map incoming communications straight to an event.
b. Only use the ns field in receiving messages to map them.
c. Only use the in field message to map inbound messages.
d. Use two fields in the message (_ns , nm_) to map incoming messages.

21. Concept A is a subset of Concept B. The object management mode of Concept A is Cache Only. Which object management mode does Concept B need to use?
a. Only from memory
b. Memory-Only, Memory+-Only
c. Memory-only or memory-only cache
d. Memory + Cache or Cache Only

22. To provide this feature, what Workflow Control Pattern should you use?
a. Discriminator Structured
b. Discriminator Cancelling 
c. Synchronizing Merge in a Structured Manner
d. Multi-Merge is a feature that allows you to combine multiple files into one.

23. When cacheLoadconceptById () is used explicitly to load items, which object management type should be utilised?
a. In-memory computing
b. Use only the cache
c. Cache + Memory is a combination of the words cache and memory.
d. Berkeley, D. B

24. To deploy processes to the Active Matrix BPM server node, what sort of file is used?
a. DAA
c. JAR
d. MAA

25. When the User task's stated distribution method is Offer to All, which assertion is true?
a. All users who are members of the specified organisational entity can access the work item.
b. The work item is disseminated to all members of the specified organisational entity and completed by them.
c. Work items are distributed in a precise rotating order to members of the specified organisational entity.
d. Work items are assigned in random order to members of the chosen organisational body.

26. Which of the following requirements must be met by chained user tasks?
a. They have to be made available to a variety of people.
b. As a distribution method, they must have offered it to everybody.
c. As a distribution tactic, they must have used Offer to One.
d. They must be distributed among the participants in a random order.

27. To strike the apostrophe, which finger should be used?
a. Index to the right
b. Middle-Right
c. Right Ring 
d. Pinky on the right

28. When the procedure is run, what happens?
a. A copy of the Review assignment will be sent out after any three of the Approval tasks have been completed. The remaining approval tasks will be handled and then dismissed.
b. One copy of the Review job will be sent out when any three of the Approval tasks are completed. The Remaining Approval job will be removed from the list right away.
c. One copy of the Review assignment will be sent out for each of the first three Approval tasks, for a total of three Review tasks. The remaining Approval tasks will be completed and then dismissed.
d. One copy of the Review assignment will be sent out for each of the first three Approval tasks, for a total of three Review tasks. The remaining Approval tasks will be instantly terminated.

29. What is the character that appears between the letters t and s in "It's"?
a. slash
b. the enigma
c. apostrophe 
d. comma 

30. What should be done if a TIBCO Administration Domain spans numerous Subnets?
a. TIBCO Administration Domains can only contain one subnet.
b. This is handled by the domain infrastructure by default. It is not necessary to complete any extra tasks.
c. Each subnet must be configured using a TIBCO Rendezvous routing daemon (rvrd).
d. Messages must be forwarded to nearby JMS servers by JMS servers.

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