Mule Soft Technical Quiz –  Online MCQ Questions and Answers For Technical Exam, Interview

Quiz NameMule Soft
CategoryTechnical Interview
Number of Questions10
Time20 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

2. What is the purpose of the Center for Enablement in the new IT operating model, according to MuleSoft?
a. Creates and administers API policies for line-of-business implementations.
b. Executes line-of-business projects to ensure that common security criteria are met.
c. Manages partners and consultants to implement line-of-business projects from a central location.
d. Develops and maintains assets for use by business developers.

3. What MuleSoft API-led connectivity layer is designed to expose a portion of a backend database that does not include business logic?
a. The first is safety.
b. Technique
d. Data

4. What is API autodiscovery and why is it used?
a. Allows Mule to be discovered on Anypoint Exchange automatically.
b. Allows you to manage an API in API Manager directly.
c. Allows an API Manager-connected Mule application to download policies and function as its own API proxy.
d. Allows API Manager to search Anypoint Exchange for published APIs.

5. What is the DataWeave syntax for using a Logger component to log the Content-Type header?
a. #["Content-Type: " + attributes.headers.'content-type'] 
b. #["Content-Type: " + attributes.headers.'content-type'] 
c. #["Content-Type: " ++ headers.'content-type']
d. #[“Content-Type: ” ++ attributes.headers.'content-type'] 

6. MuleSoft's description of an application network includes which of the following statements?
a. Develops reusable APIs and assets for other business units to use.
b. Makes use of central IT to provide complete point-to-point solutions that include master data management.
c. Develops and administers a JMS messaging infrastructure and services.
d. Develops and maintains services and infrastructure with high availability and fault tolerance.

7. In APIkit, what does the API: router element do?
a. Verifies API response data and returns it to the caller.
b. Using a 3rd-party Java library, creates native connectors.
c. Checks requests for compliance with RAML API standards and routes them to API implementations.
d. Acts as a client for the API.

8. If the payload of a Mule event is not a number, which module and operation will fail?
a. Isn't a number operation in the Validation module
b. The Is number action of the Filter module 
c. The Is number action in the Filter module.
d. None of these are correct.

9. In DataWeave, what is the role of the zip operator?
a. Combines the contents of two separate lists (arrays) into a single list.
b. Combines two things' elements into a single one.
c. None of the above.
d. Uses encoding to reduce the size of the value.

10. What is one of the Modern API's main features?
a. API includes a means for receiving comments and improvement suggestions.
b. For quick input, APIs are first defined with an API specification.
c. RESTful architecture is used by API.
d. The AGILE methodology is used to quickly prototype API.

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