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Idioms And Phrases Verbal Questions and Answers | Idioms And Phrases Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test-  This is an Online Verbal Reasoning question and answers section with an explanation for various interviews, competitive examinations, and admission tests. Answers to the most recent Verbal Reasoning questions and multiple-choice questions are frequently asked. Candidates can effortlessly take numerous competitive exams such as SAIL, RAIL, GAIL, BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, BEL, IOCL, SBI, CAT, etc. by practicing the Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Question and Answers. So, let's have a look at the Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude MCQs to see how well you do. This is a new Verbal MCQ Online Test that will help you prepare for your forthcoming bank exam. This Verbal Reasoning MCQ quiz contains essential questions which match the exam pattern of the banking exam like IBPS, so make sure that and attempt the Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test as much as required to check your preparation level.

Idioms And Phrases Quiz Details

Quiz NameIdioms And Phrases
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. To produce a breast that is free of blemishes.
a. To acquire prominence
b. To confess without reservation
c. To demolish before it blossoms
d. To destroy before it blooms

2. to maintain one's cool
a.To feel hungry
b. To be cheerful.
c. In order to conserve one's energy
d. to maintain a distance from

3. catching a tartar
a. To catch a hazardous person
b. To meet with calamity
c. To deal with a person who is more than one's match
d. None of them are correct

4. to return home
a. To discover one's ancestors
b. To return to the resting place
c. Return to the original location
d. In order to emphasise

5. To harbour a grudge against someone.
a. To serve a private goal
b. To fail to inspire interest
c. To produce no results
d. To operate for both sides

6. To scream "wolf"
a. to listen intently
b. to provide a false alarm
c. to become pale
d. to avoid hunger

7. To terminate in a blaze
a. To totally comprehend
b. To ruin oneself
c. To elicit thunderous acclaim
d. To defeat someone

8. To be honest and forthright
a. They must be tall
b. They must be honest in all business dealings
c. They must be debt-free
d. They must strive to be attractive

9. to plough with one's hand
a. To begin agricultural farming
b. To undertake a tough activity
c. To become caught in unimportant matters
d. To develop an interest in technical work

10. Picking holes is number ten.
a. To find a reason to fight
b. To demolish something
c. To criticise someone
d. To sever a piece of an object

11. Leaving someone in a difficult situation
a. To reach an agreement with someone
b. To be a constant source of aggravation to someone
c. To put someone at rest
d. To abandon someone in his distress

12. to act as a second fiddle
a. To be pleasant, cheery, and healthy
b. To downplay the importance of one's superior
c. To support the role and viewpoint of another
d. To drive in the rear seat

13. To pose a query
a. to refer to
b. to assume
c. to make problems
d. to be discussed

14. A black sheep is number fourteen.
a. Someone who is unlucky
b. A fortunate individual
c. A person who is unattractive
d. A partner who does not share in the earnings

15. A guy made of hay
a. A man who isn't worth anything.
b. Someone who is extremely active
c. Someone who is a good friend
d.Someone who is unreasonable

16. To get a whiff of a rat
a. Seeing indications of a plague epidemic
b. Getting a bad whiff of a nasty dead rat
c. Suspecting foul play
d. Being in a bad mood

17. To strike the nail on the head with a hammer
a. To act in a morally responsible manner
b. To smear one's reputation
c. To declare one's firm beliefs
d. To impart knowledge to someone.

18. To press one's face against something
a. To fight with tenacity
b. To judge by appearance
c. To get out of a bind
d. None of them are correct

19. Because the police had been given early warning, Sobhraj could be easily apprehended.
a. Crashed to the ground
b. Bribed
c. Given Advance Information
d. Threatened

20. After a long time, I finally met him, but he gave me the cold shoulder.
a. chastised me.
b. made a snide remark about me.
c. mistreated me
d. neglected me

21. He pretended to be a high-ranking nobleman.
a. Was considered to be
b. Pretended to be
c. Was thought to be
d. Was looked upon

22. This issue has been hanging in the balance for months and must be resolved one way or the other.
a. slowly progressing
b. contentious
c. obstinate
d. unnoticed

23. It is considered a tremendous honour in the military to die in combat.
a. die while riding a horse
b. perish in the battlefield
c. die while working
d. die with honour

24. The cricket match ended in a stalemate.
a. a tense match
b. a big draw
c. a wonderful spectacle
d. a game with no outcome

25. 5. He became disheartened when he learned that he had been passed over again again.
a. got frantic.
b. grew depressed
c. became enraged
d. became discouraged

26. He couldn't make up his mind. He walked about with his feet in the grass.
a. lingered in the vicinity.
b. remained at home.
c. sat still.
d. walked away.

27. He is utilising backstairs influence to gain the job despite failing the written exams.
a. Affective political power
b. Having a backing influence
c. Having a deserving and appropriate impact
d. Unfair and hidden influence

28. Companies who make products use the gallery to increase their sales.
a. promote
b. cater to popular taste
c. make an attempt to appeal to popular taste
d. rely on public approval

29. He should be let to simmer in his own juice now that he knows what'll happen.
a. Make a stew
b. Bring to a boil
c. Suffer in his own juice
d. Suffer for his own deed

30. The initiative did not appear to have a promising future.
a. highlight
b. show
c. offer
d. promise

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