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Do you have any ideas on how to solve Statements and Arguments or answer logical reasoning questions? By completing the online activities provided below, candidates may effortlessly solve all types of Logical Reasoning questions based on Statement and Argument. Candidates can also use the online test to learn quick techniques for solving Statement and Argument Logical Reasoning Questions. Students should understand all of the strategies in this article in order to answer questions about Statement and Argument. Individuals can practise the Statement and Argument Logical Reasoning Online Test before attending any examination or interview.
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Statemwnt and Argument Online Test

Logical Issues The Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers on our website provide detailed information on how the logical reasoning test is administered. The details of the Statement and Argument Logical Reasoning Quiz are shown in the table above. Furthermore, we will often update the questions linked to the Statement and Argument on this current page. Candidates can refer to this article on a daily basis to learn about all of the questions pertaining to the topic of Statement and Argument. Take the online Statement and Argument Logical Reasoning Test to learn about the many types of Deduction.

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1. 1.Individual and organisational goals are mutually interrelated and linked by a common denominator: employee motivation at work. Members of an organisation are motivated to achieve their personal goals, and they contribute to the achievement of organisational objectives as a method of accomplishing their personal goals. The paragraph most effectively supports the claim that motivation -
a. Encourages a person to prioritise personal aspirations over organisational objectives.
b. is essential for an individual's and an organization's survival.
c. s the result of a person's physical and mental effort.
d. is the external force that motivates a person to contribute his or her efforts.

2. Hundreds of people have been drawn to this anti-national action by the huge earnings involved in smuggling. Overnight, several of them became billionaires. On both the Eastern and Western coasts, India has a long coastline. It's been a haven for smugglers, who have been able to operate with relative impunity. There is little doubt that the enforcement agencies made seizures from time to time during raids and ambushes, but even with these losses, the traffickers made large profits. The paragraph best backs up the claim that
a. Smuggling impedes a country's economic progress.
b. Smuggling should be prohibited.
c. Smuggling is being combated by officials who are taking severe steps.
d. Smuggling is on the rise in our country, because to the quick money it brings.

3. Despite the fact that fashions waste a lot of time and money, they are nonetheless here to stay. They will not leave, no matter what. What is now necessary, however, is a concerted effort to remove the overwhelming passion for fashion from the minds of these young people. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. Fashion is a need these days.
b. Excessive fashion obsession is harmful to one's personality.
c.So as not to stifle creative development, the fashion hoard should be eliminated.
d. Outward appearance should be valued less than employment and other activities.

4. .One of the most important humanitarian outcomes of technology is that it gives human labour more dignity and value. There is no intrinsic difference between Brahmin and Dalit, Muslim and Hindu in a highly industrialised society; they are equally helpful and hence equally valuable, because in the industrial society, individual output determines the amount of the pay cheque, which determines social standing. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. Individuals' social status is determined by technology.
b. Castes and religions are artificial constructs.
c. Human labour is honourable and valuable.
d. All people, regardless of caste or creed, are born equal.

5. Women in India have a bright future ahead of them, and we can only hope that they will prove their worth by rising to the occasion. Napoleon was correct when he stated that by teaching women, the entire nation may be educated. Because a country can never progress without the participation of half of its inhabitants. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. India is working hard to achieve women's emancipation.
b. All women should have a good education.
c. Only until women are given equal rights and opportunities as men can a country grow.
d. Women should be given complete freedom to demonstrate their merits and contribute to the nation's progress.

6. Accident prevention necessitates not only the use of safety equipment to safeguard exposed machinery, but also the training of mechanics in safety standards that they must follow for their own safety, as well as proper illumination in the plant. The text most effectively supports the claim that industrial accidents -
a. are always avoidable
b. may be due to ignorance.
c. cannot be entirely overcome.
d. can be eliminated with the help of safety rules.

7. Forgiveness is generally seen as a show of weakness, yet it is actually a sign of strength. It's all too easy to be carried away by bitterness and hatred into a vengeful act; but, it requires a strong character to control such natural desires. The one who forgives an injury demonstrates that he is superior to the person who has mistreated him and puts the wrongdoer to shame. The excerpt best supports the following statement:
a. Only the sufferer understands the depth of his anguish.
b. People have a tendency to forgive previous wrongdoings.
c. It's difficult to control one's inherent desires.
d. Mercy is the most noble form of retaliation.

8. Industrial shows are extremely important to a country's economy. Such exhibitions, which are now held on a regular basis in Delhi, allow us to compare the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress with the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Russia, whose pavilions attract the most attention and visitors. The paragraph best backs up the claim that industrial shows -
a. The impoverished economies are heavily taxed.
b. are more beneficial to wealthy countries such as the United States, whose products are superior than those of developing countries.
c. are of little benefit to countries with a low level of industrialization.
d. By comparing a country's products to those of industrialised countries, a country's output can be improved both qualitatively and numerically.

9. The school has always been the primary vehicle for passing along the treasure of tradition from one generation to the next. This is even more true today than it was in the past, because the family's role as a bearer of tradition and education has eroded as a result of modern economic development. This text best supports the claim that - for passing on the treasure of tradition from one generation to the next.
a. There are alternatives to going to school.
b. It is necessary to test various distinct sources.
c. The importance of economic development cannot be overstated.
d. As always, the most powerful tool is family.

10. The poet, according to Emerson, was a landlord, a Sealord, and an airlord. The poet became a master of land, sea, and air as a result of his imaginative flight. However, a poet's fantasy of yesterday has become an actual accomplishment and a reality for all men today. Even those who invented, improved, and mastered the aeroplane could never have imagined that one day they would be able to fly into space. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. says that having seemingly fantastic imaginations makes one a wonderful poet.
b. Every dream becomes a reality at some point.
c. What man envisaged has never been impossible; by his creation of ideas and pure hard work, he has always made it a reality.
d. With his exploration of space, man has attained the pinnacle of technical evolution.

11. It is up to our government and planners to find strategies for mobilising about ten crore employees, whose families number in the hundreds of millions. Our agricultural workforce is overworked. A smaller number of agriculturists would mean that each agriculturist would have more purchasing or spending power. This will result in a shortage of manpower for various commodities to be produced, for which an affluent agrarian class will have a new need. The surplus manpower released from agriculture, as mentioned above, will alleviate the deficit. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. Agriculture employment is less fruitful than production employment.
b. The Indian economy is in bad shape owing to inefficient manpower mobilisation.
c. A transfer of labour from the rural to the industrial sectors would improve living conditions.
d. In our country, the industrial sector is labor-short, while the agriculture sector is overstaffed.

12. Exports and imports, a growing positive balance of trade, investments, and bank balances are not a measure of national wealth. English exports were far higher than they are now until the outbreak of World War II. Despite this, England now enjoys higher national prosperity than it has in the past. Because the ordinary Englishman's income has increased while working as field and factory labourers, clerks, police officers, petty shopkeepers and shop assistants, domestic workers, and other low-wage workers. The passage best supports the following assertion:
a. The easiest way to measure a country's economic standing is to look at its per capita income.
b. The key criterion for determining a country's economic prosperity is its balance of trade.
c. An increase in exports helps a country's economy.
d. Since the Second World War, English trade has continued to grow.

13. High performance among those with significant growth demands is associated with satisfaction with coworkers, advancement opportunities, the type of work, and income. There is no such link among people with minimal growth demands - in contrast, contentment with promotion opportunities is linked to poor performance. This text best exemplifies the following statement:
a. Organizational satisfaction is an unavoidable variable.
b. Job satisfaction and productivity are inextricably linked.
c. Growth needs modify the link between job satisfaction and performance.
d. Every company has a few employees who have little room for advancement.

14. Only via the stimulation of a child's abilities by the demands of the social conditions in which he finds himself can he receive meaningful education. Through these demands, he is encouraged to act as a member of a group, to break free from his original narrowness of action and thought, and to think of himself in terms of the group's welfare. The paragraph most strongly supports the claim that actual education -
a. If the children are exposed to action and emotion, this will happen.
b. If the youngsters are physically robust, this will happen.
c. Today's schools do not give this.
d. comes from interacting with people in social circumstances.

15. The press should not be hesitant to stand up for and promote a just and moral cause. It should not be scared to make constructive criticisms of the government. The press must always be on the lookout for ways to preserve the rights of workers, the poor, and the oppressed. It should also present a balanced perspective on issues so that people might be assisted in forming a healthy public opinion. The paragraph best backs up the claim that
a. In a democracy, the press plays an important role.
b. The press is the only way to communicate the government's policies to the general public.
c. Press freedom is critical to the smooth functioning of a democracy.
d. Governments may use the press as a powerful tool for improving the lives of the poor.

16. Throughout history, the businessman has contributed to the construction of great cities, given people with pleasures and patronage to artists, and raised his fellow citizens' awareness of the standard of living. The businessman has sown the Industrial Revolution all over the world in the previous few centuries. The passage best supports the claim that
a. is accountable to the society.
b. lives a life of luxury and ease
c. is capable of improving his living conditions.
d. has aided in the development of civilisation

17. Our economy is shifting from a manufacturing to a service-oriented model. As the service industry grows, managers will be required to work with people rather than products and things from the production line. This text best exemplifies the following statement:
a. Managers should maintain a healthy mental equilibrium.
b. In service organisations, an assembly line will exist.
c. In the future workplace, interpersonal skills will be more vital.
d. People are undervalued in manufacturing companies.

18. The merit of art is that it does not allow itself to be influenced or governed by anything other than itself. It demands on being the only one to touch the work in order for it to come into being. Art demands that nothing other than the work itself be used to obtain it. This text best exemplifies the following statement:
a. External laws and conditions govern the creation of art.
b. Art is made for the sake of art and for the purpose of existence.
c. Art exists solely for the sake of art.
d. Through his artistic creations, the artist realises his dreams.

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